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Pure Hyaluronic Regenerating Serum 100% Pure


Pure Hyaluronic Regenerating Serum
The MOST Powerful Anti-Wrinkle Discovery
For Immediate & Long Term Results!

My favorite skin care product! It tightens pores also!!

Now Available - Pure Hyaluronic Regenerating Serum - Why is Hyaluronic so good for the skin? It's the most powerful humectant (substance that preserves the moisture or water content of the skin) available, because it holds more than its weight in water. Water is the only thing that can soften keratin and the top layers of your skin are made up of keratin. Water and Hyaluronic work together to soften, repair, protect, feed, nourish, smooth, heal, balance skin tone, tighten pores, and rebuilds and promotes new cell growth. Last but not least, it's the most powerful anti-wrinkle discovery, with both immediate and long term results. 1 ounce pump bottle.

Hyaluronic, which has water in it naturally, is a delivery system for water and then traps that water into the skin all day by creating a barrier. This barrier keeps pollution out, while allowing water from the environment in. It's pretty amazing stuff.

Cosmetic and Plastic surgeons are now injecting Pure Hyaluronic Acid into deep wrinkles and lines because it is safer than some of the alternatives. Hyaluronic Acid is produced by the human body for tissue hydration, lubrication and tissue stability. When we are young our bodies produce large amounts, but diminishes as we age.

Hyaluronic Acid is used in many brand name professional skin care products. However, due to its high cost, it is generally used in small concentrations. Simply Karen brings you Pure Hyaluronic Serum that will moisturize ALL skin types, even acne prone skin, while it renews, protects and clarifies your skin. If you are sensitive to breakouts from other moisturizers, and have given up on using one, please try this. It absorbs into the skin like nothing you've ever used before and never feels greasy. Also a must have product for anyone who has had a recent laser procedure or has sun damaged skin.

Different Sizes Available 

1 oz - $49.00


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