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Make Up Application Tips & Tricks

Natural Mineral Foundation is an exciting product that is transforming the face of the cosmetic industry. It's all natural and extremely versatile. Remember you are only limited by your own imagination!

With a little practice, you will learn how to best apply the mineral powder for your skin type and desired coverage. You'll soon be applying the makeup in seconds for a beautiful, healthy, glowing skin!

Basic Application Tips

Simply Karen Natural Mineral Foundation contains no alcohol, perfume, dye or fillers and is very concentrated, so a little goes a long way. The foundations are non-comedogenic and perfect for sensitive skin.

When using your moisturizer, make sure it has completely penetrated before applying the mineral foundation or prior to applying the minerals lightly dust with Finishing Veil, to prime the face.

Remove the clear/white sticker off the foundation shaker top, turn the jar upside down, and tap a few times, which will dispense a controlled amount of foundation into the lid of the jar or onto a tissue. Then using a fluffy powder brush apply makeup. In no time you'll determine exactly how much you need.

- For light to medium coverage, use less product, apply with a large kabuki, super powder or ultimate foundation brush. Also, blending equal amounts of minerals with the Mineral Finishing Veil (which also has oil controlling properties) will give you lighter coverage.

- For heavier coverage, use more product and apply with a small kabuki brush or sponge.

If a concealer is needed, using a concealer brush and your mineral foundation can work wonders. Just tap with the tip of the concealer brush where extra coverage is needed, as your last step. If this is not enough coverage try our creamy concealer kit with two colors for custom color and blending.


For Post Laser - apply makeup only after the skin has completely re-epithelized. Do not apply mineral over a heavy petrolatum based balm or heavy cream. (Makeup can get cakey) Apply dry mineral powder to a dry skin with a dry fluff or sponge.

No More Oily T-Zone - To prime face for long lasting oil control. Tap a small amount of Mineral Finishing Veil into the lid of the jar or onto a tissue. For over-all oil control, apply finishing veil powder with a large cosmetic brush, then apply foundation. For maximum oil absorption, apply with a cosmetic sponge before foundation application.

Artistry Application Tips:

Custom Color: If your shade appears too yellow or too pink, custom blend with a little of the opposite based shade (Example: beige too yellow - add one of our pink undertone shades, natural or sunrise). This is best accomplished on a tissue or in a separate container with a lid. Begin with two parts of your base shade to one part of the opposite colored base. Experiment with the ratios. Once you have created your custom shade, pre-mix in quantity. To slightly lighten a shade, blend with Mineral Finishing Powder.

Layer of Colors: This is extremely effective if one shade is a perfect match to your overall skin tone, but you want a little more surface color. Lightly apply the first shade that matches your skin tone. Then lightly apply the second darker or warmer shade - applying onto the hollows of your check and at the hairline.

Multi Purpose Uses: Use lighter shades for highlighting on eyelids and upper portion of cheekbone. Darker shades look fabulous for contouring in the crease of your eyes and the hollows of your cheeks. Need an instant tan and don't have time to wait for a self tanner? Try a small amount of our Simply Karen Golden Honey Foundation mixed with your favorite sunscreen or moisturizer on your legs. If it appears too dark, put a little water on your hands and smooth over legs. Blot with a paper towel or tissue to set. You won't believe how natural it looks. JUST LIKE SILK STOCKINGS!!

Summer Time Makeup: Change the shade of your foundation with the season - maybe go a shade lighter in summer, or go for a more bronzed appearance with our Suntan Bronzer! Remember the minerals perform beautifully in the heat, humidity, or under hot lights. When blended with the lyphazome sunscreen, the makeup has an even more amazing adhering property. Try it while swimming!

Trouble Shooting Application Tips:

Chalky, mask like, or too heavy: Cause: Over application, too light of a color, or use of an incorrect application tool. Solution: Custom blend two colors together, use a darker color, or utilize a fluffier brush.

Drying Appearance: Cause: Surface of the skin is dry or needs more regular exfoliation, use a textured wash cloth every couple of days when cleansing your face. Also try our Lavender Glow Moisturizer, blend your moisturizer and minerals together - creating a liquid foundation, and/or mist with mineral water. You can also try not letting your moisturizer dry completely before applying your foundation. Apply when your face is still a little dewy with a makeup sponge.

Pores Appear Larger or Powder is lying in the Fine Lines: Cause: Over application and/or the product has been applied with a brush (Also, this inherent with the lighter shades, as they are more luminous). Solution: Use Mineral Finishing Veil before and/or after foundation, smooth powder with a damp sponge using pressing rocking motion to set the mineral makeup and lift any excess powder. Also, try mixing the minerals with our Lavender Glow Moisturizer and apply as a cream foundation.

Shiny or Oily Appearance: Cause: Over application, moisturizer too heavy, or tendency to oil skin type. Solution:  Apply Mineral Finishing Veil under the mineral foundation. When touching up use your applicator without additional product or use Mineral Finishing Veil only.

Streaked, Blotchy, or Uneven Appearance: Cause: Over application, moisturizer is too greasy, moisturizer may contain alpha hydroxy acids (mineral will drag on the skin) or the moisturizer is not completely penetrated before mineral powder is applied. Solution: Minimize amount of foundation powder used, blend with the Mineral Finishing Veil, or experiment with different moisturizers, and if the powder is mixed in your moisturizer make sure that the beads of mineral powder are completely mixed in.

Complete Application Tips & Tricks for the 9-Piece Allure Collection:

Buff your way to beautiful skin.

Our mineral foundation is the purest form of foundation available. It is ideal for acne sufferers as it provides complete coverage of blemishes, while at the same time helping to heal and calm inflammations. In addition, Simply Karen Mineral Foundation has a built in SPF factor and is nearly waterproof. It's excellent for use while playing sports and for women with active lifestyles. It is utterly weightless, comfortable to wear and is quick and easy to apply.

Tips for applying your new mineral makeup:

1. Always apply minerals in thin layers. Two is usually sufficient. Make sure moisturizer has completely absorbed before you apply your mineral makeup. Pull off sticker seals over the holes of each jar, or poke holes with a pin or needle, to use only a few holes.

2. Tap out enough makeup into the cap or onto tissue paper, between the size of a dime and a quarter. Then swirl your powder brush, (or kabuki brush if you have one) into the makeup.

3. Then tap the bottom of the brush while holding it upright, to distribute the makeup into the brush.

4. Next buff the brush and makeup in circles around your face, neck, chest or where ever you want coverage and SPF protection. You can even do your ears for added protection, since the color is so natural. Apply a second layer if more coverage is needed or you want more color.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for applying your mineral blush. Then apply as you would other blush, across the apples of your cheeks and upward. For a sun-kissed look, apply lightly across the forehead and down the nose and chin. Also, if rushed for time. apply your blush on the tops of eyelids for added color and a natural look, in place of eye color.

6. For your mineral eye color, dip the tip of your eye shadow brush into your powder. Then tap the brush on the side of the container, to remove any excess eye makeup back into the jar. This ensures that you do not use too much at once. You always want to layer all of your makeup. Start with less and add more if needed. Brush gently onto your lids, crease, or under the brow, making sure to blend it until it looks natural.

7. Use the concealer brush (fan gently to loosen & soften new bristles) or a sponge for coverage in areas you want to conceal more, such as dark circles and blemishes. Dab the tip of the brush into the mineral foundation, tap off any excess back into the jar, and then tap with the end of the brush into the areas you want to conceal. Don't use a brushing motion. For even heavier coverage mix a small amount of moisturizer with your mineral powder, then with a sponge apply as you would a cream foundation. This is especially good for concealing large pores or dark circles. Also good if you skin is dry.

8. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 with the Finishing Veil. The Finishing Veil will help to set your makeup and reduce shine. It can also be applied before your foundation and other makeup, to prime your face for long-lasting oil control. To reduce the appearance of large pores, apply your finishing veil with a cosmetic sponge, before applying foundation. Tap and roll sponge in the area to cover, then apply foundation and other makeup.

Your done! It's that easy and your skin will be protected with the built in SPF, without the heavy weight of a liquid sunscreen. Enjoy your new look and how your makeup will last from dusk until dawn!

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