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"Dear Karen,

I have had my make-up a couple weeks now.  I use it only occasionally since I go out only every once in a while.  But I wanted you to know that the make-up is so easy that it looked great even the first time I put it on - inexperienced and all!  It does cover up my problem areas very well. It is very comfortable to wear, too.  And keep in mind that I have NEVER worn make-up on my face because it felt too smothering.  I can't feel this at all.  What a God-send!  My daughter asked me about your make-up because she was getting tired of the traditional liquid 'stuff' on her face all the time and I encouraged her to look into your line.  I think she did and ordered some, if I am not mistaken.  I hope she likes it, because I sure do!

Thank you!"
Kathy M.
Jonesborough, TN

"Good Morning Karen,

Rec'd my Custom Colors yesterday, tried them this morning and they're Fantastic!!!  The foundation color really works so well on my skin as a concealer, just blends in to cover imperfections.  I like the blush a lot but really addicted to your Mocha!  How do you thank someone enough for making your life prettier and easier every single day?!

We've had some really warm days & already the hint of humidity--can't stand that "mask" on my face, couldn't go out without it.  Saturday we went shopping all day and then Jeepn' later that evening.  You know something, I didn't think about my makeup, not once all day.  That night I went in to wash my face and went, "Damn, this looks so good, it's almost a shame to take it off!!!"  I don't want to sound mushy here but believe me, I'M the one who's saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

BTW, I've been so involved and excited with my makeup, I forgot all about the makeup bag that came with the Allure 9-pc set, it's really classy-looking--CUSTOMER WINS AGAIN! Don't Ever Change!

Loyal Customer--Forever"

Linda W.
Mount Caramel, IL

"Hello, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I began using your product line 2 months ago. I am 33 years old and this is the first time in my life people have said how "pretty" I am and how "great" my make up looks. What I like best is the fact that it does not feel like I have any make up on and it lasts all day. Keep up the good work and I am definitely a customer for life. I have also recommended you to many friends and family. Again, thank you for "making me pretty."

Wendy A.
Pass Christian, MS

"Hello - I usually don't do this because I've never found a product that's worth doing it for, but I wanted to let you know how much I love your make-up. I bought the starter kit a few weeks ago, and it is wonderful. I had stopped wearing make-up for a few years, but now I love to wear it because it makes me look and feel great. I hope you will be making your products for a long time because I want to continue wearing them. Thank you for creating a product that makes me feel so wonderful."

Jessica B.
Los Angeles, CA

"I am totally thrilled with your products. I can get the coverage I need without feeling like I have a 'layer' of heavy make-up on my face. I like the natural look that it provides, not to mention that by the end of the day, it still looks great. I have noticed a marked improvement in the condition of my skin since using your products. Wish they were available 20 years ago."

Eileen L.
Bedford, NH

" Dear Karen - I want you to know how thrilled and pleased I am with my mineral makeup I ordered from you.  I have NEVER worn foundation, as I have never liked the look of it (made up) and I have extremely sensitive skin and am allergic to just about everything.  Well, not only does your makeup NOT look like makeup (I even walked outside in the sunlight with a mirror just to make sure), but my skin had no adverse reactions at all.  As I am getting older (57), I find that even though I've been able to get away with not wearing foundation all my life, my skin is showing its age and is now getting that uneven tone look, so I knew that I need something, but was hesitant to put anything on my face.  Well, I'm glad I made that step.  Your makeup actually makes my skin look better and smoother and more even-toned, but it doesn't feel like I have anything on my face.  Thanks for the great product! 

Catherine K.  
Coulterville, CA

" Just a quick note to tell you again how wonderful your makeup is.  I just cant believe the difference it has made in the way I look and feel.  For some time now I have been trying different foundations and never found one to give me the coverage I needed.  I have very uneven skin tones and hated the way I looked.  I now feel like I look like a million dollars!  Thanks so much.

Kim C.
Plain City, OH

" I can't wait to go home and tell my friends, sisters and mom about your products.  They are great, and thanks for being so helpful and patient with me over the phone.  Also thanks for being so accommodating in my shipping needs.  I know this email is long but I have been so pleased with your company and products, after such a bad experience recently with a different company, that I
had to let you know how much of a fan I already am.  I am one happy customer!

Angela B.
College Park, MD

" Hi Karen- I got the makeup and have been using it for the last couple days. Love it! It really does make your face light up. And it is so light you can barely tell your wearing makeup. Thank you so much for the all natural makeup!

Christine P.
Fairport, NY

"Karen, I have found that I am using the makeup everyday because it is so easy to use. Thank you for making such a difference for me in how I feel about myself."

Lisa A.
Bayard, NE

"Hello Simply Karen! First I want to tell you how awesome your product is. I had been looking into starting to wear make up again because as I age (39) my skin has gotten red and I don't feel as young "looking". It's been 3 or 4 years and I have stopped looking! I saw these infomercial's with "flawless mineral powder" and surfed the internet for info and I found Simply Karen. Your website was easy and without pushing your product on me - made me want it, your guarantee didn't hurt either. Even though it doesn't come with a video (who needs it anyway) it has tips & tricks and a number to call for any questions or concerns. I love the brushes too.

I was so happy with your site and product that even before receiving my own I bought a set for my friend. She uses Proactive and cakes on heavy foundation to cover her skin... which defeats the every purpose, I wanted her to look & feel better for the people looking at her and herself. It worked! She looks fabulous and feels better about her face.

Well, needless to say 3 other girls I work with have ordered from you as well. We love Simply Karen and are spreading the word! (Even my boyfriend is using bronzer!) Thank you, really thank you!

Ruth G.
San Diego, CA

"Thank you so much for the excellent service; that is so rare today that Simply Karen really stands above the crowd and deserves applause!"

Robin S.
Kennesaw, GA

" Hi Karen. Just wanted to say thanks so very much. Boy you people are on the ball. I received my order today. That's the fasted order I have ever received and I thank you very much.

Flossie S.
Scottsboro, AL

" I would like you to know that I love this make-up it is the best on the market. It's so sheer and light you feel like there is nothing on your face. And looks so natural that a lot of people think I have such smooth and clear skin. Thank you."

Debbie Y.
Bedford, IN

" I just wanted to let you know that I've 'mastered' the foundation and finishing veil...and let me tell you... ever person I've seen today wants to know what I'm wearing. So thanks for the lovely products!!  

Barb M.
Calgary, AB

"... your customer service is outstanding!"

Theresa T.
Omaha, NE

" I just wanted to send you a thank you for exchanging the colors on my makeup and tell you that the ones you sent were PERFECT!!  It suits my skin tones so well and looks so natural.  I LOVE IT!!  Now that is what I call customer service at the highest degree."

Linda P.
Smyrna, GA

" I have been using your products for a couple of weeks now.  I love them.  I have very sensitive skin and often break out with psoriases.  I have used many products but not the natural ones until now.  I think that I will be repeat customer."

Gayle C.
Tulsa, OK

"Simply Karen ... I love doing business with you!"
Ileana L.
Flemington, NJ

"I appreciate the excellent customer service you provide, and I love your product."

Brenda J.
Clayton, MO

"You guys are great!!!  Thank you for your Service ..."

Sandy L.
Arlington, VA

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