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  • Indelible Waterproof Eyebrow Liner


    Get the perfect brows you always wanted.
    This is the ultimate eyebrow enhancer—an easy-to use automatic waterproof pencil that holds like a wax, blends like a powder and intuitively adjusts to match your brows. The ultra-fine retractable tip creates custom-made strokes that mimic the look of brow hair. 
    • Blondi: For light blondes or grey hair.
    • Brunette: Our most versatile shade. Automatically adjusts to match medium/dark blondes, redheads, and all brunettes.
    • Black Coffee: For dark brunettes or black hair.

    To Use
    Use short, light strokes to line your brows, define your arches and fill in sparse or over plucked areas. Use the attached spoolie brush to tame, blend and lift.

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